Jeff Stohr CEO

Conveyer & Caster Equipment for Industry Cleveland, Ohio

Ross Arcuri led a Memory Techniques Presentation at our year-end sales meeting. We included all departments in this exercise and all of our employees said it was one of the most engaging and exciting things we have done to date. The presentation was both interactive and thought provoking. The pace at which Ross presented had our team completely engaged.  Weeks after the event, we are still talking about the techniques we learned and they have become a part of our daily routine. I would highly recommend Ross to any company or organization that is looking for a dynamic presentation at your next team building event.

Steve Norris

President, Norstar International LLC Cincinnati, Ohio

We have quarterly team building events with our employees, and we brought Ross in as the keynote speaker for our staff.  Ross' memory techniques were both insightful and practical, and his delivery is not only humorous, but extremely engaging with the audience. The way Ross articulates his memory techniques is impeccable, and our staff was challenged but not intimidated.  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed this insightful presentation, and to this day we are still talking about it...a unique and fun mind teaser.

Shawn Kukic, Group Vice President

Lithia Motors, Inc.

I was introduced to Ross by one of our Corporate Recruiters who had worked with him previously.  He asked if I was interested in having a guest speaker for any upcoming meetings and as it so happened, I had my Quarterly General Managers meeting coming up.  The timing worked, so I took his recommendation and booked some time for Ross to come in and present his memory techniques to my leaders. Not having met or seen Ross's presentation, I was very intrigued and excited to learn more.  With a room full of strong personalities and leaders in our industry, I did not know what to expect.  All I can say is - he hit a HOME RUN!  The level of engagement and dialogue that he achieved with this group of professionals far exceeded anything I could have guessed.  A week later, I am still getting daily emails and texts telling me how much they enjoyed their time with him. I highly recommend hiring Ross Arcuri for any business meetings, corporate functions, or reward trips.  His energy and delivery makes it a very memorable hour!

Bob Rukavina

Head Men's Basketball Coach University of Pittsburgh Johnstown

Ross' presentation on memory techniques had our team totally engaged.  It was interesting, fast-paced and fun. Not only was everyone participating, but Ross' energy was contagious throughout the room.  Our team thoroughly enjoyed it and we are planning to implement his techniques next year.  It was a great presentation!

Domenic Dozzi

CEO, Jendoco Construction Corporation

Ross’ presentation was very professional and well received by our entire staff.  If you are looking for an interesting and energetic way of improving your thinking and memory, then I would highly recommend Arcuri’s Memory Techniques.

Ryan Linn

Moon Area High School Football and Softball Coach, Moon Area High School PE Teacher

I had the chance to be introduced to Ross from one of my assistant coaches.  He spoke to both Moon Area Softball and Football teams.  The response has been overwhelming, with the kids going home and trying to explain what they learned during the presentation.  This led to parents reaching out to me and thanking me for bringing Ross in.  If  you are an educator, coach or business leader, you will not regret hiring Ross Arcuri to engage your students, athletes, or employees.

Mark Jula

Head Boys Varsity Basketball Coach, Ambridge High School

Ross' presentation was awesome.   He had my players fully engaged.  They were all talking about what they learned after our practice.

Joe Luciana

Partner, DFL Legal

Great presentation. Very entertaining, interactive and informative. Everyone at DFL loved it!

Edith Grill

Director Human Resources, Komatsu Mining Corp. Group

Ross is a very dynamic speaker who took a development topic and made it exciting for my entire team.  I highly recommend Ross for any learning opportunities in any setting.

Alice Gaskell

East Allegheny High School, English Teacher

I’ve been watching Ross give his memorization seminar for thirteen years.  Every single time the students are captivated by his presentation.  It is a well tuned performance that only Ross can execute.  No matter the audience, the participants are hanging on his every word.

Lou Condrasky

Director of Operations, Hearing Unlimited

If you’ve never been to an Arcuri Memory Technique Program, you must plan to schedule one as soon as possible. We have a group that is not easily impressed, but a month after attending, I can tell you every one of our team members is still talking about it. Practical, hands on, entertaining and lots of group participation are just a few ways to describe the experience.

Michael Aber

Applications Manager, Management Science Associates, Inc.

Ross Arcuri is a dynamic speaker and terrific story teller. He keeps his audience involved and entertained. His concepts are unique, and have wide ranging applications. Highly recommended.

Jennifer Smith

West Allegheny High School, English Teacher

This presentation really engaged students from beginning to end.   Ross had great enthusiasm and knowledge when presenting.  His reputation and the effectiveness of the presentation precedes him.

Lou Nellas

Deer Lakes High School, English Department

The Memory Presentation has been an effective tool with my 12th grade classes for the past 21 years. Students from every academic level listen, participate, and retain the information and techniques.

Leonard Herrington

Social Studies Instructor, Springdale High School

I have had Ross Arcuri speak to my students for many years.  His Memory Techniques Presentation is exceptional and I felt that my students greatly benefited from it.

Mike Miller

Senior Vice President of Admissions Strategy……

The best public speaker and trainer I have ever worked with.